Karoline’s Gardeners

This last weekend, Pamlico Rose and PRIHC hosted its first gardening retreat at Rose Haven Center of Healing.  Retreat staff, PRI Executive Director Rob, PRIHC members Susan and Sean, and volunteer Becky welcomed four women to the two day event (the retreat name they selected for the event, Karoline’s Gardeners), which began at noon on Friday and concluded at 4 pm on Saturday. Following the wellness framework: Total Life Fitness, the participants were introduced to essentials of gardening, toured the Greenhouse at the Farm and Sundial Gardens at Beaufort County Community College, and cleared, prepared and planted a bed at the Betty Ann Sands Memorial Gardens at Rose Haven. The group had a yoga practice in the Gurkin MaskerSpace. Staff and all members of Karoline Gardeners prepared and cooked a dinner in the residence which featured greens and herbs picked from the gardens that afternoon.  

The weekend honored Karoline ( the daughter/sister of two group members) and the garden bed was planted with her favorite plants.  As a concluding event of the weekend, the group built planters and created a garden sign in Karoline’s honor. The retreat also provided an opportunity for the group to remember Karoline. The gardens and the Center offered an environment to continue the healing process through gardening, activities and community.

Karoline’s Gardeners

Pamlico Rose and PRIHC will offer a series of one day and multiple day retreats based on their four pillars of wellness: nature, creative expression, movement and building community for women Veterans with selected retreat opportunities for non-Veteran women throughout the year. The retreats will feature one of the following mediums as the main theme for the retreat: gardening, stained glass, woodworking, pottery, and others as they become available. 

Pamlico Rose is partnering with BCCC to offer creative expression activity classes on the Rose Haven campus. The Gurkin Pole Barn and MakerSpace hosts single session and multiple session activity classes as well as weekly yoga practice for women Veterans and non-Veteran women. Beginning with the Summer session, May 16, interested learners can register at BCCC or through the online registration portal.

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