Our Work

Our focus is to reach and help women Veterans overcome the effects of trauma, such as anxiety, stress, and addiction and ease the struggle of the post-military service transition to civilian life, including social and community reintegration. Our Rose Haven Center of Healing is a safe and non-threatening place for women Veterans featuring activities and events integrating mind, body and soul.

We promote a holistic and results-based healthy living approach to wellness, Total Life Fitness (TLF) helping women Veterans and others strive to be well and resilient. TLF integrates nature, creative expression, movement and building community as important and integrating elements to living healthier lives. Living fit also utilizes behavioral skills such as anxiety management and mindful approaches to stress and uncertainty while fostering interpersonal skills to build and engage a supportive community.  Finally, TLF includes self- transcendence – connecting to others, a cause or beliefs beyond self – as an important element in living fit. Learn more about Total Life Fitness here.

 We are honored to be awarded a Public Health Corps for 2022-2023. Our PRI Health Corps will help counter the adverse impact of COVID 19 on food insecurity for at-risk underrepresented and minority populations/communities. Twelve full-time members will implement a comprehensive garden to table program that features nutrition education and distribution of healthy vegetables from three community gardens. PRI’s program’s overall aim is to mitigate food insecurity through education to achieve motivating behavior and attitude change toward healthier eating practices while providing concurrently knowledge and experience in building and maintaining community gardens for the production of and access to healthy vegetables and other related community benefits. 

We partner with Veteran Service, civic, educational and non-profit organizations to foster a community supportive and inclusive of all Veterans who have served. 

PRI is a Board member of the East Carolina Veteran Coalition (ECVC) and works closely with local Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapters, personnel and programs from the Greenville, NC VA Clinic and Vet Center, Bob Woodruff Foundation, NC Works, and eastern North Carolina non-profits like Veterans Organic Gardens, the Disability Advocate and Resource Center and others to advance a community-based safety net and prevention approach to Veterans in need. See one the result of one such community effort.

We advocate through learning/exposure, outreach and hosting/sponsoring of events and activities to raise awareness of pressing Veteran issues at local, regional and national levels.

We act ethically and with integrity, always considering what is best for the Veteran when advancing our mission. 

We are mindful through the development of our infrastructure in the historic district of Washington, NC of our civic responsibility to contribute to the sustainability of the community. As good stewards, we direct our efforts toward the benefit of preservation and reutilization of local cultural, historic, and natural resources as we pursue our mission and projects. 

Our Home

The Rose Haven Center of Healing is a facility dedicated to serving female Veterans along with other Veteran and community populations that may struggle with the effects of their military service.  The Center covers ½ neighborhood block in Washington, NC’s historic district.

The Center Includes:

  • Betty Ann Sands Healing and Artful Landscape– Open!
  • Rehabilitated 1892 Haven House – Summer 2022. Learn more about the Haven House renovation, history and intended use (coming soon)
  • Rehabilitated Adjacent Historic Barn soon to be Gurkins Community Center/Maker Space – 2022. (Link coming soon)

About Washington, NC

Washington lies within the Inner Banks of North Carolina at the headwaters of the Pamlico River, 25 miles upstream from the Pamlico Sound. Washington is a “connected community” featuring tightly-knit historic neighborhoods and a bustling Main Street district that offer a safe and public setting for a retreat that fosters reintegration.  Located directly on the scenic waterfront, downtown Washington offers fine restaurants, antique stores, art galleries, performance centers, and more. The locale’s natural beauty and temperate climate attract wildlife and outdoor sports enthusiasts and produce elegant and dramatic sunsets.  https://visitwashingtonnc.com

Meet The Pamlico Rose Team

A team of a few, a mission of healing for many

We don’t heal in isolation, but in community
― S. Kelley Harrell

History offers the distance to appreciate the path chosen when reflection illuminates the many paths (and opportunities) not selected. From its inception in 2016 Pamlico Rose Institute has traveled as Paul McCartney among others sing, “a long and winding road,” a journey depending on the will and inertia of the Pamlico Rose Team. The distinction between staff, BoD members and volunteers blur in the common goal to create, develop and advance wellness and resilience programs to serve in-need women Veterans. It is 2022 and the road is less winding, with some climbing still ahead. We continue to benefit from the prevailing winds of assistance by the Team, past, present and yet to come.

Read more about Team Rose here

Our Benefactor - Betty Ann Sands

Betty Sands was far from being just a mother. She inspired those around her by overcoming barriers and never being afraid to push herself to new heights. Betty was a quiet activist, engaging with her heart, mind, time and energy to promote community development and sustainability. Her values of acceptance and tolerance were a model for her husbands, children, and those who knew her. Pamlico Rose stands as a testament to her fortitude and draws inspiration from her life.

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