Community-based East Carolina Veterans Coalition helps close the gaps in meeting the needs of at-risk Veterans 

Pamlico Rose Institute is a member of, and the financial agent for, East Carolina Veterans Coalition

The East Carolina Veterans Coalition (ECVC) is a collection of non-profits, government agencies, Veteran Service Organizations and Veterans. With the financial help of the Bob Woodward Foundation (BWF), the Coalition sponsors county Veteran stand downs, helps individual Veterans meet critical financial needs, and acts as a conduit to distribute resources on a much larger scale than any one organization in the coalition could manage (see link to recent BWF newsletter).

BWF concentrated on food insecurity and the effect of COVID on at-risk Veterans in their grants. In 2021 and in the first eight months of 2022, ECVC received $45,000 in grants to help mitigate food insecurity and other pressing issues such as homelessness in eastern North Carolina Veterans. In addition, ECVC non-profits such as Pamlico Rose, our sister non-profit, Veterans Organic Garden, in New Bern, and Wilson’s Veteran Residential Service provide funds and programs to Veterans in Pitt, Craven, Wilson, Wayne and Beaufort counties. Across the coalition, fruitful partnerships featuring organizations like the VA, NC Works, Disability Advocate and Resource Center and non-profits and VSOs such Disabled Veterans of America (DAV), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) aids in identifying and meeting local Veteran needs.

ECVC just received another $10,000 from BWF bringing the two-year total to $55,000. While still focusing on food insecurity through grocery store gift cards and food boxes, ECVC efforts with this funding cycle and beyond will expand to help fund programs that can create or sustain personal and professional growth for Veterans such as education and training programs and the tools and aids that enable success.

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