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Two Pamlico Rose Board of Directors (BoD) members have resigned, after completing their terms, citing busy schedules and personal commitments.  Retired Army Major General Gary Patton, who worked with Board Chair and CEO Robert Greene Sands on the Pamlico Rose concept and its mission, cited increasing commitments to his career and family as the reason for the departure from the Board.  Patton commented in his letter to the Board that “…. It has been a great ride and I remain grateful for the opportunity and proud of the team’s monumental efforts!”  Patton, who lives in Fairfax County, VA, went on to write, “Thank you for the enriching opportunity to partner with you during these formative months.”  Rich Prakopcyk also tended his resignation from the BoD with similar reasons of professional and personal commitments.  Prakopcyk, a landscape architect and Vice-President for HDRINC, an international architect and design firm located in New Jersey, has been instrumental in developing the landscape and site design for the Rose Haven Center of Healing.  Said Prakopcyk, “I really enjoyed being able to bring my talents to such a worthy mission and I look forward to continuing to support the mission and projects like Rose Haven in an advisory role.”


Pamlico Rose welcomes Greg Smith to the BoD, filling Patton’s two-year seat.  Greg is a career advisor for North Carolina Works.  Smith has a B.S. in biology from East Carolina State University.  He is a member of the BC 360 Housing and Homeless Task Force, Beaufort County Housing Committee, and Beaufort County Economic Board, to name a few groups and organizations he is involved with.  In accepting the BoD’s nomination, Smith said he looked “… forward to working with the rest of the Board and volunteers to bring Rose Haven to completion and successful operation.”  He and his wife Kelly have been active as volunteers in Pamlico Rose projects and events since the beginning.  They have lived in Washington NC for 26 years.