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[from Robert Sands]

Spring has Sprung and winter is in our rear view mirror.  And that means workdays are on the horizon!

We anticipate good weather and that means we can now turn our attention from all the great work done on the interior of Rose Haven over the winter (and it was a winter!!), and return to the outside of Rose Haven, the eaves, the roof, the clapboard siding, and begin working on outdoor projects.  

This means the return of Work Days!!

Our first work day this year is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th.  Our efforts for this day will be on the barn.  We are planning to stabilize the structure and lay a concrete foundation, so we can use the barn as a multipurpose center for storage of our garden and Rose Haven residents’ needs, and also as a wood bank.  More coming on this as a concept and reality.  David says for this effort, “we need 4-5 carpenter-like folks to help us create and hang new barn door frames, and re-sheet these frames.  Tools that would be needed:  drills/drivers, 2-3 circular saws, screw drivers, measuring tapes, squares, etc.  We will provide materials and hardware.  Be sure to wear work clothes AND proper footwear.  The interior of the barn, and around it, contains a number of hazards (broken glass, nails, etc.).  If you haven’t signed a waiver, you’ll need to before beginning to work.”  We also intend to continue to empty the barn in preparation for foundation work.  So, if any of you care to help continue to reclaim the barn that day from its remains, you are welcome to join me.

If you want to help that day, please let us know.  We will start at 9 a.m. and work until noon.  Refreshments will be provided.  Upcoming projects include the garden, the exterior of the house and further work on the barn.  

For those interested in seeing the progress made on the interior over the winter, feel free to stop in anytime you see us working at the house or come to the workday.  You can also contact us and we can give you a tour .