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Today is all about celebrating the accomplishments of local communities, pushing the conversation forward, and reflecting on the power of this movement.

March for Science webpage,

On Saturday, April 22, the March for Science unfolded across the nation and around the world.  In Washington, DC and in Washington, NC, and countless other communities, people marched to re-affirm the tenets of science and rigorous inquiry and the empirical basis for understanding the world around us.  Thousands upon thousands spoke with signs, their feet and their unity to the need to continue the quest to help understand an ever-dynamic and changing world we live in.  PRISC fully supports the function science plays in our lives.  Scientific inquiry plays an instrumental role in our own desire to help populations such as disabled veterans and female veterans with substance abuse history.  Our research explores how to make physical and emotionally-challenged veterans and the communities they live in more resilient to overcome adversity now and in the future.  In our projects, Rose Haven and Historical Enclaves, we are involved in research to help develop a program of social resilience that will help facilitate recovery and re-integration of disabled veterans and female veterans with substance abuse into communities around them even while they actively are a part of making those communities stronger.

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We embrace the benefits of science daily as we hopefully add to the science of recovery and re-integration of veterans who struggle against disability, PTSD and other stresses that came from supporting our nation.

Robert Sands, PRISC CEO

*Photo credit, March for Science, By Newstation Wired –, CC BY 4.0,