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Historical Enclaves

The Pocket Neighborhood Paradigm

Historical Enclaves

The Pamlico Rose Institute for Sustainable Communities plans to advance their Historical Enclaves project to benefit at-risk Veterans and their families.  The development of a Historical Enclave considers rehabilitating endangered and failing houses in a local historic district by developing a distinct yet connected neighborhood of disabled U.S. military Veterans and their families as residents and offer need-based financial assistance to the potential residents to secure ownership as well as attending to challenges that the veterans and families may have from their military service.  Potential residents will have resources to meet the financial obligations of home ownership over time, but PRISC, and partners will also provide assistance in terms of programs to provide job assistance, adult education, mental health counseling, and other programs of assistance critical to making their relocation successful.  These enclaves, or pocket neighborhoods, will not only constitute a social support network for the families but will also create a sense of shared identity and being a part of the larger community from the surrounding neighborhoods.  PRISC will seek donations, grants, and other funding, as well as support from various organizations that provide human and rehabilitation resources, to fund the purchase, provide assistance in rehabilitation, and help staff programs necessary for the enclave to be successful.


  • Rehabilitate sections of historic districts that affect the identity of the district, advance neighborhood growth, and build a more socially diverse yet connected district
  • Provide an alternative approach to meeting Veteran housing and a means to connect Veterans together while immersing them in a local community
  • Provide an opportunity to involve local organizations and individuals in re-development
  • Provide affordable and needed housing for at-risk or under-represented populations
  • Support local economy and businesses
  • Connect enclaves back to the twin missions of PRISC, being historical rehabilitation and community sustainability

See our white paper on Historical Enclaves here.