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Pamlico Rose will be the recipient of a VISTA worker for the 2019-2020 year.  As part of an East Carolina University K-12 STEM AmeriCorps/VISTA initiative, Pamlico Rose will join five other organizations being awarded VISTA support.  VISTA workers support organizations whose missions are to help at-risk communities, with a growing emphasis on at-risk Veterans and those affected by addiction.  Their website states:  “AmeriCorps VISTA members serve as a catalyst for change, living and working alongside community members to meet our nation’s most pressing challenges and advance local solutions.”  Like the Peace Corps program, VISTA workers choose to work for little pay in exchange for the chance to support meaningful programs and projects.  The AmeriCorps/VISTA program and Pamlico Rose will share in funding this position.  The VISTA program provides capacity building support to nonprofits like Pamlico Rose to help them in achieving their mission.  This resource will augment our all-volunteer staff and BoD efforts to fundraise and develop a more robust social media presence.

Our 2nd Annual Healing Vets Weekend just concluded and growing that event is a focus of our fundraising, outreach, and awareness efforts.  Our VISTA worker will also allow us to advance programming for the Rose Haven Center of Healing, including the residential reintegration program.  Through outreach, our worker will help us reach and make Veteran organizations and Veterans in eastern North Carolina and state-wide more aware of our mission and projects.  The VISTA member will move to Washington and work 40 hours per week.  She/he will start the year of support in July of 2019 and conclude in June of 2020.

To say we are pleased by this award is an understatement.  A primary struggle fledgling nonprofits, with all-volunteer staff and BoD, have is the capacity to grow the organization while also accomplishing the mission. Finding consistent support early on is critical and this position will help us tremendously.  It’s not every day a college graduate decides to give back to communities; we look forward to providing a rich and meaningful experience for the VISTA worker.

— Robert Sands