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[authored by Robert Sands]  Trees grow quickly and abundantly in Washington, NC.  Over time, if not tended and managed they sprawl and encompass all that is around.  Shrubs and the pesky vines that have giant thorns outpace trees in their growth and before you know it, if left to their own fortunes have taken over and suffocated that which is close by and obscures views from afar.  The last two weeks have seen us focus in on the outside of the Rose Haven.  We invited an arborist to come and offer his thoughts on the health of the laurel swamp oak that, like an umbrella, drapes her branches over Rose Haven’s backyard.  He pronounced the tree healthy and sound and very verdant.  We have been joined by a team of volunteers and have worked hard to liberate Rose Haven from the clutches of octopus-like branches of tress and other growth that have over time closed in around her.
The following images offers a glimpse of how the house has emerged from the shadows beginning with June 1st and ending with July 31st, 2017.




July 31st Work Party!