The Pamlico Rose Institute
Growing Community by Preserving History
820 Park Dr. Washington, NC, 27889
(805) 320-2967

David & Colleen


It seems that every time we move, we end up further east … our latest move to Washington, NC being the furthest so far.  (Much further and we’d be pretty wet.)

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, my wife Colleen and I have lived in WA, OR, ID, CA, UT, OH, AL, and now NC.  We are very excited to be part of the Washington, NC community, not only because of the great people we’ve already met here, but the work we are planning to do for this community (and others) has the potential to do a lot of good. 

The Pamlico Rose Institute for Sustainable Communities (PRISC) has rapidly grown from an idea to a viable nonprofit within less than a year.  It all started when my partner in this venture, Robert Greene Sands, took a side trip through Washington, NC, and was immediately drawn to it.  This area is well suited for the first couple of projects PRISC has planned, and will become the focal point as we spread throughout the state and beyond.

PRISC is planning on creating “pocket communities” (more on that concept in future blogs) within the historic district by purchasing a group of adjacent homes that require minor to major rehabilitation, joining the backyards into a common green space, and helping at-risk veterans move in as home owners.  My [initial] job will be to put the rehabilitation projects together, find and work with local contractors regarding the rehab, find and organize a volunteer army that would be interested in either applying current skills and/or learning new ones to rehab historic homes, and have some fun in the process.  I believe this will be a perfect use of the talents I’ve incurred from my 30 years with the military and federal government.

We look forward to collaborating with all of our supporters.  I’m confident that PRISC will grow and expand its knowledge-base, revitalizing communities through historical resources that can live again, while sustaining the strength of the community.  We’re looking forward to meeting all of you in the near future.