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The dog days of August seemed like a good time to stop for a moment, wipe the sweat and grime from our brows and put on some clean clothes.  In other words, smell the roses, and appreciate those who have supported the last year of work on the development of the Betty Ann Sands Memorial Gardens and more generally, supported the Rose Haven Center of Healing.  Saturday, August 10th at 6:30 pm, 40 people joined Pamlico Rose to recognize those who have given time, effort, and resources to bring The Seed, our blue-collar part of gardens “online” and continue building the gathering and mediation areas of the healing landscape.  That moment in time also gave us the occasion to dedicate places in the gardens for the memories of loved ones.   Finally, on a beautiful peaceful evening, there was opportunity to stroll the gardens and see the progress being made and imagine the art of the possible still to come.

Attendees at the Pamlico Rose garden dedication

Attendees listen to a poem.


Pamlico Rose CEO Robert Greene Sands and Pamlico Rose honored Betty Wheeler, the Dr. Eric W and Patricia C Sands Charitable Foundation, idX, a Washington environments designer, and Lucas Wood for their significant contributions of resources and passion to the Gardens in 2019.  Their giving will now be etched in signs and commemorated in places throughout the garden.  Jensen Burbules, Nancy Scoble and Emily Carefoot received Pamlico Rose bricks of appreciation for their considerable work in the gardens.  Many others who supported the gardens were also recognized. 



Pamlico Rose with Betty Randolph

Betty Randolph with members of Pamlico Rose

Sands also dedicated the Louis Randolph Memorial Gardens to honor the memory of Louis Randolph and the positive impact that Louis had and his wife Betty Randolph, who was in attendance, and the owner of neighbor New Beginning Funeral, continues to have on the development of Rose Haven, and the greater community.  Pamlico Rose also dedicated a garden area to Bill Clark, a long time Washington resident, and to Bill and Rebecca Clark’s poodle Bear.  Pamlico Rose welcomed Rebecca’s visit to Bill’s memorial on Friday.



Blog by Robert Sands  —  Photos by Kelly Smith