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The Healing Vets Weekend

The Pamlico Rose Institute for Sustainable Communities (PRISC) invites everyone to their second Healing Vets Weekend, May 3-4, 2019, in Washington, NC.  The weekend is a fundraising benefit for women Veterans and other Veteran populations.  Everyone is invited to come together in community and take part in an array of activities that offer pathways to healing.


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The Healing Vets Weekend – 2019

The 2nd Annual Healing Vets Weekend & the Ride for Rose Haven: Supporting Women Veterans

Engaging mind and body paves the way for successful healing in Veterans dealing with physical and emotional trauma.  Community  provides critical support to heal, as does art, music, and physical activities such as gardening, running, biking, and yoga.  Many activities are done in nature, and all stretch muscle and brain to help work through past traumatic experiences that threaten to overwhelm lives and families. 

The Pamlico Rose Institute for Sustainable Communities (Pamlico Rose) and many community sponsors invite Veterans and non-Veterans alike to their 2nd Annual Healing Vets Weekend, May 3rd & 4th, 2019 held in Washington, NC.  The weekend offers opportunity to both participate and enjoy a host of events and activities that showcase healing.  There is an event or events for everyone and a chance to learn more about healing and Veterans while being part of a community to support Veterans.  These are detailed below.

The signature event of the Healing Vets Weekend is the Ride for Rose Haven: Supporting Women Veterans on May 4th, starting at 8:00 am from Washington’s waterfront Festival Park.  The Ride offers a 30-, 60-, and 100-mile ride through the Inner Banks of North Carolina.  Complete with rest stops and resources to support riders, the Ride for Rose Haven beckons serious and recreational riders, Veterans and non-Veterans alike, to ride for health and well-being while supporting Pamlico Rose’s Rose Haven Center of Healing that includes a reintegration home for women Veterans in Washington, NC.  Copper Canyon Wellness will provide chair massages to riders upon their return.  Registration is $50 before April 15th and $75 thereafter, and includes tee-shirt, rest stops and SAG support.  Registration is now open! with more information about the Ride HERE.

Our Three Rides

Maps of the short [Petal Tour], medium [Eastward Tour], and long [Ride for Roses]) rides are below!

The Petal Tour (28 miles)
Click HERE for PDF

The Eastward Tour (59 miles)
Click HERE for PDF

The Ride for Roses Century Tour (99 miles)
Click HERE for PDF

Friday, May 3rd kicks-off the Healing Vets Weekend and features the opening of the Military Veteran Art Exhibit at the historic downtown Turnage Theatre and VET Talks – IBX, the TED talk-like event that provides individual presentations on healing and Veterans.  Go HERE for VET Talks bios.  The exhibit opening starts at 5:30 pm and will run for 10 days.  VET Talks – IBX follows the art exhibit at 7:15.



Sunrise yoga will be offered by Copper Canyon Wellness on Saturday, May 4th at 7:00 am on the waterfront in Festival Park and will be open to riders and the community.  The Ride for Rose Haven begins at 8:00 am.  There will be a Veteran Outreach Fair starting at 10 am through 2 pm in the same location as the start of the Ride for Rose Haven.  The Fair offers the chance  for Veterans, their families, and the larger community to learn about services and opportunities open to Veterans in eastern North Carolina, such as career, education, health care, and others.  Veterans can also discover how Veterans and non-Veterans can get involved in programs to help Veterans and those in the larger community in need.  There will be a number of vendors, nonprofits and organizations on site to visit and learn more about what they offer.  There will be a free lunch hot off the grill for Veterans and for others – a donation will be gratefully accepted.  To close out Saturday and the Healing Vets Weekend, a benefit concert by Stoeckert, James and Adams for the Rose Haven Center of Healing will start at Noon and is free to all.

CLICK HERE for a list of local lodging.

To learn more about the Healing Vets Weekend or the Ride for Rose Haven, contact

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