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Bricks of Appreciation

Pamlico Rose recognizes those who help us build and grow our mission with our brick of appreciation.  Thad Aley from Arts of the Pamlico has been instrumental in the success of the Veteran Art Exhibit and the  Healing Vets Weekend events at the Turnage.  He also...

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Pamlico Rose Awarded a VISTA Resource for a Year

Pamlico Rose will be the recipient of a VISTA worker for the 2019-2020 year.  As part of an East Carolina University K-12 STEM AmeriCorps/VISTA initiative, Pamlico Rose will join five other organizations being awarded VISTA support.  VISTA workers support...

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HVW19 – Building Community by being a Builder

The last of the six events for the Healing Vets Weekend kicked off with Veterans leading the way.  Stoeckert, James and Adams, a great local band with exquisite harmonies and a comfortable cohesive sound, is composed of two Veterans.  They gladly played for two hours...

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Eagle Scout to Raise Garden Beds

by Robert Greene Sands - Lucas Wood stopped by the Gardens one day last month and said he wanted to help our efforts at Rose Haven Center of Healing and do his Eagle Scout project on a need of ours.  We suggested building our raised garden beds and his interest was...

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Out in Front from Behind the Mask

by Robert Greene SandsMembers of Disabled American Veterans Chapter #48 participated in a healing arts workshop for local military Veterans at the Historic Turnage Theatre on Saturday, April 27.  The workshop was entitled “Opportunities for Expression” and featured...

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Community Support and Wellness Go Hand-in-hand

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, materials about the upcoming Healing Vets Weekend were handed out at the Beaufort County Health Fair alongside info about myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, CFS, Gulf War Illness and other similar diseases.Colleen Steckel founder of...

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Total Life Fitness Retreat

Pamlico Rose, a Washington, NC nonprofit that advances health and wellness programs for Veterans – Vet by Vet, is offering a 5-day Total Life Fitness Retreat for female Veterans who may be struggling with transition and reintegration at their Rose Haven Center of...

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Rose Haven & Pamlico Rose FAQs

When will the house be done?  Rob Greene Sands (RGS) – “We are planning for occupancy this year.  We changed general contractors at the beginning of 2019, which caused an unexpected delay as we await the building permit to be reissued.  As soon as the permit is...

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2018 VET Talks Videos

Pamlico Rose has posted video presentations of the 2018 VET Talks – IBX on their YouTube channel:  Filmed on June 1st at Washington, NC’s historic Turnage Theatre, the inaugural TEDx-like VET...

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Two PRISC BoD Members Finish Terms – New Member Joins

Two Pamlico Rose Board of Directors (BoD) members have resigned, after completing their terms, citing busy schedules and personal commitments.  Retired Army Major General Gary Patton, who worked with Board Chair and CEO Robert Greene Sands on the Pamlico Rose concept...

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