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Marching for Tomorrow’s Community

Marching for Tomorrow’s Community

On Saturday, April 30, PRISC personnel joined 200,000 people that took to the streets of the nation’s capital, and hundreds of thousands more in marches around the country and the world, to march and show support for continued investigation and exploration into the effects of climate change. As its sister march from the weekend before on the importance of science in our society and societies around the world, the climate march reinforced the need for vigilance to understand and prepare for solving some of the most pressing existential and future problems of our changing climate and the effect it has on humanity and our natural resources.  PRISC advocates for the critical role that science has on helping build stron agency in a changing climate in local communities and communities around the world and to use science and technology to better prepare for a future with certainty of a more uncertain climate.  At PRISC’s core mission of growing stronger, more resilient and sustainable communities, think globally, but act locally will help insure quality of life for all residents while working together to confront a changing environment.

Robert Greene Sands, CEO, PRISC

Photo credits: Robert Greene Sands