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Our 2019 VET Talks presentations are now accessible on Pamlico Rose’s YouTube channel.  The Talks featured two remarkable military officers.  Both are advancing the health and wellness of the force relying on their academic, professional, and personal experience to bring about change.  (A blog on the 2018 VET Talks can be found HERE.)

CAPT Kimberly Elenberg and Dr. Rachel Breslin presented compelling narratives on the importance of resilience in their personal military journeys as well as their ability to support and often lead in accomplishing the mission.  Also available is the introduction given by Pamlico Rose’s Dr. Robert Greene Sands and Dr. Allison Greene-Sands’ moving recitation of local poet Monk Wheeler’s “The Hand the Rocked the Cradle.”  Allison presented our brick of appreciation to both Kimberly and Rachel in her office in the Pentagon.


Allison Greene-Sands with Captain Kimberly Elenberg

Allison Greene-Sands with Dr. Rachel Breslin













As an integral part of its mission, Pamlico Rose considers raising awareness of issues and topics to Veterans and non-Veterans alike that can impact their well-being and bring about a better quality of life.  Our Healing Vets Weekend is just one of those events and our VET Talks – IBX (Inner Banks) specifically addresses this aspect of our mission.

— Robert Greene Sands

[Authored by Robert Sands]

The last days of 2017 are quickly disappearing amidst holiday cheer.   I remember as a kid going around the Christmas dinner table with our extended family and having to give one experience or thing out loud that year that was meaningful.  At that age, since we had already unwrapped our presents earlier in the day, it was almost always for the kids, the big gift we had received from the parents, the bike, the train set, the football helmet (okay, you can tell how my gifts had a certain theme to them).  One year, believe it or not, the gift I was thankful for was a brief case. Don’t ask me why.  Even back then, at age 11, I was already pining to be an academic.  I am going to continue that tradition this year and provide a list of the events or things we are thankful for here at Pamlico Rose, and in no necessary order:

7 demolition or work days attended by many of our volunteers and the many generous financial contributions made by supporters

1 gutted house interior – still upright

1 celebratory and meaningful Ribbon-Cutting with many more to come

1 Healing Vets Weekend and Ride for Rose Haven now in the planning stages

1 Marshall Taylor tractor and 1 Marshall Taylor

1 very energized Board of Directors

1 very industrious David Steckel and 1 very dedicated Colleen Steckel – yes, related

1 continued standing red barn

1 super volunteer Greg Smith

2 blooming rose bushes around the yard sign, even in December

Of course this is just a brief and incomplete list of those people, events and things that we are thankful for as 2017 exits right stage.

We know 2018 will bring just as many or more.  We at PRISC are a very the “glass is half full” kind of organization.

Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas!