The Pamlico Rose Institute
Growing Community by Preserving History
820 Park Dr. Washington, NC, 27889

PRISC Donors

PRISC promotes encouragement of historical resource preservation and reutilization with projects and activities that foster community sustainability.

Pamlico Rose Institute for Sustainable Communities (PRISC) was founded in 2016 as a nonprofit institute that fosters the sentiment that thriving, caring and prosperous communities are the most tangible expressions of a healthy society.  A sense of community has been critical to the growth and development of this country, and in cultures and nations across the globe.  Across contemporary urban centers – both small and large, knit from a close proximity and rural areas, connected across farms and lands – the notion of community creates a shared and enduring identity fueled by a common history and a diversity of experience.


These are the people that have donated funds or services to help PRISC succeed in their mission!  Below are levels of giving, each coming with a symbol or item of appreciation.

Bricklayers – donations of $1000 or more

Alan Mobley / Jeffery Phipps
Scott Campbell
Alexis Davis
Sharon Owens
1st Baptist Church of Chocowinity
Women’s Mission Union

Painter – donations of $100 – $249

Stasia Kahn
Jane Meisell
Sheri Dean

Carpenter – donations of $500 – $999

Eric Sands
Sharon Owens
Diane and Mark Tomlinson

Apprentice – donations of $50 – $99

Jackie Eller
Rebecca Clark

Landscaper – donations of $250 – $499

Matt Modeist
Jerry Evans

GIVER – donations up to $49



These are the people that have donated their time to help PRISC succeed in their mission!

Colleen Steckel            Allison Greene Sands            Scott Campbell
Chase Taylor                Alexis Davis                          Bill Walker
Mr. Pope                      Brenda Rogers                       Greg Smith
Sheri Dean                   Amy Lupton                          Dave Wheelock
Lyle Carlson                Don Johnson                          Emily Rebert
Jane McCotter             Alexis Davis                          Tom Haines
Marshall Taylor            Ed Disy                                 Linda Knight
Gerry Arakelian           Pat Wheelock                        Kirk Davis
Liz Stallings


These are corporations and businesses that have donated time and/or funds to help PRISC succeed in their mission!

Platinum – donations of $10,000 or more


Gold – donations of
$5,000 to $9,999

Silver – donations of $1,000 to $4,999

Mainstreet Collections

Beaufort County Noon Rotary

Bronze– donations of
$500 to $999


These organizations have provided time, expertise, and/or outreach to help PRISC succeed in their mission!