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Current PRISC Projects

Many Veterans struggle with transition, including social and community reintegration from military to civilian life.  This struggle has a variety of causes.  For example, trauma experienced during service may cause lasting effects on the mind and body.  When a Veteran becomes a civilian, this transition can cause relationships with loved ones and friends to suffer.  These struggles can result in addiction, depression, unemployment, homelessness, and the final insult to their injury, suicide.  This is especially true if the Veteran suffers from PTSD as a result of trauma experienced during military service.

Transition can be even more challenging for female Veterans.  Women in the military suffer from both similar and different experiences than men due to a lower exposure to combat but a much higher risk of sexual harassment or assault.  Female Veterans face socially conflicting role expectations of mothers, partners, and warriors, often coupled with being a single parent.  Many of these women lack a support network of other female Veterans and find seeking help through the VA difficult.  This can be due to a continued belief in the VA’s association with the military, the scarcity or limitations of health and medical programs for women, and/or the perceived male-centric culture of the VA.

Building a strong foundation of wellness and resilience can help female Veterans overcome the effects of trauma and an uncertain future.  Pamlico Rose offers an integrated approach through its Total Life Fitness (TLF) project.  This is modeled on the Department of Defense’s Total Force Fitness and the Department of Veteran Affair’s evolving patient-driven approach to serving Veterans.  TLF connects mind, body, spirit, and community through behavioral skills such as mindfulness and anxiety management, as well as attention to interpersonal competence.  TLF includes meaningful and persistent attention to daily activities and events that feature nutrition, exercise, meditation, and spirituality – all building resilience to aid in recovery or in managing symptoms of trauma.

The Anchor:  Rose Haven Center of Healing

The Rose Haven Center of Healing is the anchor of our mission.  When completed, Rose Haven will feature a rehabilitated 1892 farmhouse, large meditation and produce gardens, and an adjacent multipurpose barn, all located in the center of the Washington Historic District.  The Center will house a residential program for female Veterans in recovery to help their transition and reintegration.  In addition, it will support retreats to promote wellness and resilience such as the Total Life Fitness program.  The gardens and barn will support opportunities to involve area Veterans in gardening and the development of a wood bank to offer reclaimed/recycled wood to the public in exchange for donations to Rose Haven.  Click HERE for more information on Rose Haven and photos of progress toward its rehabilitation.

Residential Reintegration Program for Female Veterans in Recovery

Upon completion of the Rose Haven farmhouse, Pamlico Rose will begin offering a three-month reintegration experience for female Veterans in recovery from substance abuse, concentrating on wellness/healthy living, resilience, and building community.  The residents will enter the program together and will form a support group, or cohort.  They will identify educational, professional, or personal training goals to work on while in residence, with guidance from staff, local learning institutions, or other organizations.  Residents will participate in activities and experiences consistent with TLF, such as garden maintenance, yoga, physical exercise, and nutrition, while also volunteering a set number of hours with local nonprofits.  Residents will continue personal counseling and therapy while at Rose Haven through the local VA or social service agencies and will be expected to remain alcohol and/or drug-free while in residence.  Click HERE for information on Pamlico Rose, and HERE to read about its concept.

Total Life Fitness Retreats

In the Fall of 2019, Pamlico Rose will launch multi-day wellness and resilience retreats for female Veterans to help ease the strain of transition and reintegration.  The retreats will offer a daily schedule that broadens the concepts underlying wellness, healthy living, and the behavioral and interpersonal skills critical to achieving TLF.  Activities will apply learned skills and help to develop overall TLF and resilience.  Each day’s schedule is designed around the retreat’s purpose to inform and engage.  Most activities will occur outdoors in Washington’s Historic District and along the Pamlico River.  Nature provides a therapeutic backdrop to keeping life fit.  One doesn’t need to “get away to the country” to find natural places/spaces in daily life that benefit TLF.  The retreat’s urban setting will frame the social aspect of reintegration.  More can be found on the retreats HERE.

Veteran Outreach and Support

Pamlico Rose and its partners sponsor events and activities in eastern North Carolina to help serve Veterans in need, promote awareness of Veteran issues, and build a community of support.  For example, Pamlico Rose cosponsored the first Beaufort County Stand Down in February 2019.  Along with many community partners, Pamlico Rose hosts the annual Healing Vets Weekend in Washington, NC, usually held in May (For 2020, the Weekend is May 15th and 16th).  The signature event of the weekend is the Ride for Rose Haven: Supporting Women Veterans, a bicycle ride with options to ride courses from 10 miles to 60 miles, as well as sunrise yoga, the Veteran Outreach Fair, a barbecue lunch and benefit concert, all in waterfront Festival Park.  Friday’s events at the Turnage Theatre in historic downtown Washington include the annual Veteran and active military art exhibit opening and VET Talks – IBX [Inner Banks] (TEDx-like talks) on issues affecting Veterans, delivered by Veterans themselves.  See information on the 2019 HVW HERE.

Click HERE for info on Historical Enclaves