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Rose Haven Center of Healing

Pamlico Rose promotes a holistic and multidisciplinary healing approach for Veterans through a reintegration experience that includes residential living, the arts, gardening, yoga, and other strategies.  PRISC promotes this enterprise through the development of a Center of Healing that includes historic preservation and the rehabilitation of historic structures.  The first project, Rose Haven, involves the rehabilitation of an 1892 farmhouse as a reintegration home for female Veterans, its adjacent historic barn for use as a multipurpose center and a healing landscape that will include meditation and produce gardens.  The Center of Healing will offer a platform to advance healing strategies such as master gardening and woodworking while also promoting social resilience for residents.  The Center will also act as a catalyst to promote healing in the local Veteran populations.  Rose Haven, and future projects like it, will be an anchor for promoting community sustainability, historic preservation, stewardship, and community engagement.

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