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Thrivent Sponsors Demo Day

On August 12th, 2017, 18 (mostly senior) volunteers came together to help remove interior wall and ceiling boards from the Rose Haven house, as well as assorted (unusable construction material from the barn.  It was a very successful day, as we were able to fill two...

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Demo Days

[Authored by Robert Sands] Demolishing things seems to be hardwired into our society’s DNA.   Demolition derbies showcase wanton disregard for the driver’s car as well as the victim’s vehicle.  YouTube is filled with videos of buildings being taken down, imploding in...

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Out of the Shadows

[authored by Robert Sands]  Trees grow quickly and abundantly in Washington, NC.  Over time, if not tended and managed they sprawl and encompass all that is around.  Shrubs and the pesky vines that have giant thorns outpace trees in their growth and before you know...

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PRISC Prepares for the Future By Looking Into the Past

[authored by Chase Taylor] The more we learn about 219 E. 3rd, our future reintegration home for female Vets, the more I begin to feel like a part of its history.  We know of at least four generations that have lived in that house and the Pamlico Rose Institute for...

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Our Old House

[authored by Robert Sands]  July 1, 2017 The age of a house is not like the age of human.  It doesn’t really have comparable equivalency to another species (like dog years) either.   In fact, houses can outlive their occupants.  Old houses still standing were built...

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Work Begins

[authored by Robert Sands] For many who drive 3rd Street in Washington, NC, the old deserted two-story house - just past the Bonner Ave intersection, recessed well back from the curb with an overgrown line of hedges reaching skyward pinning it in on one side and the...

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Memorial Day 2017 in Washington, NC

Washington, NC celebrated Memorial Day 2017 with an hour long ceremony, emceed by Commander Juanita White of the Beaufort County DAV/DAVA Chapter #48.  A special thank you to the Iron Order MC Skeleton Krew, who made sure attendees were hydrated during the ceremony in...

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Intern Joins PRISC

May 16, 2017 My Personal Blog I am very excited to become a new member to the team.  I am very thankful for the opportunity that State Employees Credit Union Public Fellows Internship program and PRISC have given me.  I just recently finished my fourth year of college...

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Marching for Tomorrow’s Community

On Saturday, April 30, PRISC personnel joined 200,000 people that took to the streets of the nation’s capital, and hundreds of thousands more in marches around the country and the world, to march and show support for continued investigation and exploration into the...

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Science Marches On

Today is all about celebrating the accomplishments of local communities, pushing the conversation forward, and reflecting on the power of this movement. --March for Science webpage, On Saturday, April 22, the March for Science...

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